Welcome to Our Press Room

This press room is designed to provide members of the press with quick access to information about Behringer and its related companies.

Based in the Dallas Metroplex, Behringer provides innovative alternative investment opportunities by leveraging decades of investment program development, management, performance, and distribution experience that has resulted in these accomplishments and company attributes:

  • Programs sponsored and managed by the Behringer group of companies have attracted equity of more than $5 billion and invested into more than $11 billion in assets
  • Behringer and its predecessors have sponsored 29 fully cycled real estate investment programs
  • Behringer Securities is an in-house, FINRA registered broker-dealer and member of SIPC

Since the company’s inception, Behringer has launched investment programs with assets across 10 countries and within virtually every asset class.

For more information about Behringer, see the "About Us" section of this Website or download our company overview.

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